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We are Blade Foundation.

Blade Foundation mobilizes financially excluded populations to do good. We provide grants to further this mission.

We believe the role of web3 technology is not just to serve the innovators or early adopters, but rather it is to enable the financial inclusion of the more than 2 billion people who are often left behind and never cross the chasm of technological innovation.

“Blade Foundation’s purpose of existence is to welcome everyone to join us on this journey of creating an inclusive world through capitalism and technology.”

– Sami Mian, Founder of Blade Foundation.

World problems. Web3 solutions.

The world is facing serious issues, from social & economic inequity, environmental degradation, a fractured civil society, to the re-emergency of authoritarianism.

People, governments and corporations are coming to the realization that we need to change the system to get better outcomes for people and the planet
What if we can harness the power of capitalism and technology to solve societal problems?

Blade Foundation’s purpose is to leverage web3 ideas to realize this vision.

Now there’s an idea!

Move from ideation to production with a Blade Foundation grant.

United Nations’ 17 SDGs.

By utilising The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals as the framework, Blade Foundation is actively seeking to support underprivileged communities and social enterprises through grants and technology.